Who am I?
My story begins in Sicily,
in a small town where I spent an untroubled and happy childhood, playing soccer and collecting a huge amount of Panini stickers and Lego bricks. I attended the High School of Arts, but at that time I had no precise idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I used to spend afternoons reading Diabolik comics, watching old movies and playing guitar with friends.

But only until I discovered photography… It was only after the diploma that I started taking pictures of everything - girls, friends, people at parties – until this eventually became my job. While working as a freelance photographer, I graduated at Accademia di Belle Arti with a degree in Graphic Design.

Now I am a full-time graphic designer, but rather than a job, I consider it a lifestyle and it reflects my way of thinking as everything like a design. In my vision, I always try to connect ordinary life with aesthetic and functionality.

I love taking pictures and creative designing. I like to dare, to proof, to overcome my limits step by step. I like Tim Burton’s movies with Johnny Depp, and I could watch forever Eyes Wide Shut, Armageddon, Rocky, Il Postino, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, and all of Fellini’s movies… yes, all, simply because I cannot choose! I prefer the latest Batman, but – you know – Kim Basinger is Kim Basinger! I think Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Milla Jovovich are not human being, and I believe Pierce Brosnan is the most suitable in the role of James Bond (obviously after Sean Connery!). I believe in Gilmour guitar solos, in the sound of Radiohead, in Beckham’s free kicks, in Nadal’s forehands, and in Valentino Rossi’s sideslips.

I like when the night comes and I listen to Miles Davis tunes, I like the smell of books, the sound of rain, the taste of freshly baked bread, ice-cold beer at the concerts and red wine. I love concreteness, wisdom, and honesty but above all I love elegance. I hate photography clubs, themed contests, arrogant and know-it-all people. I believe in Art and in its strength and I believe that even the biggest journey starts whit a little step.
And I drink so much coffee…